Service dogs trained specifically for PTS, TBI, and MST are distinctly different from traditional service dogs. The training, pairing, and management of organizations providing a direct service to military Veterans requires a unique understanding of Veterans’ needs. The Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans members are not-for-profit 501c(3) organizations that understand the unique needs of military veterans and pair them with trained service dogs.

Advantages of being a partner member include:

  • Camaraderie with like-minded organizations
  • Monthly membership Calls
  • Monthly Members-Only Workshops
  • Access to Member Organization File Sharing System
  • Access to our General Counsel for Legal Assistance
  • Access to Donors that Contribute to ASDPMV members
  • Free Admission to our Annual Conference (for 2)
  • Advocates for Your Organization with Our Policy Committee
  • & More

To apply for membership the first step is to complete the form below. This is our initial screening application. The next step will be to complete our certification process which includes on-site visits from our Membership Director.

Join the Association

Our membership process is on pause while we update our membership criteria & training standards. Sign up below to receive an email when the process is updated.

Membership Committee

Chairman: Amanda Baity, Semper K9 Assistance Dogs

Member Representatives:

  • K9s for Warriors
  • K9 Partners for Patriots
  • Northwest Battle Buddies
  • Patriotic Service Dog Foundation
  • Got Your Six Support Dogs


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