Shannon Walker, Executive Director ASDPMV

Arlington, Virginia – June 5, 2023 – The Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans (ASDPMV) is pleased to announce the appointment of Shannon Walker as the new Executive Director, effective immediately. Leveraging her three decades of experience across professional dog training, entrepreneurship, and advocacy, Shannon steps into her new role equipped with an exceptional skill set and a visionary approach.

Shannon’s contributions to the service dog industry have been transformative. From her impactful work as the founder of Northwest Battle Buddies to her proactive role within our Association, Shannon has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to our mission. She understands that service dogs are more than companions for Veterans; they are crucial partners in restoring their freedom, dignity, and independence.

Widely respected as an industry thought leader, Shannon has tirelessly worked to bring national awareness to service dogs’ vital role in assisting veterans and their challenges. From her impactful TEDx Talk, PTSD and Service Dogs: Beneath the Surface , to her regular appearances on FOX News Radio, Shannon’s efforts have played a significant role in shaping public perception and understanding of PTSD, service dogs, and veterans.

Northwest Battle Buddies joined the Association in 2017 as an inaugural member, and since then, Shannon has played an instrumental role in shaping our direction and establishing industry standards. Her service on various committees, particularly as chair of the Standards Committee, is a testament to her commitment and dedication to our mission.

“As I step into my role as Executive Director,” Shannon shares, “I am inspired by the resilience and spirit of the Veterans we serve. These heroes have given so much for our nation, and it’s our turn to support them. Our mission remains focused on enhancing their independence and dignity through the provision of service dogs. I am deeply committed to this cause and look forward to creating a future where no Veteran has to wait to regain their freedom.”

Shannon’s vision extends beyond the traditional role of service dogs. She is committed to fostering a holistic transformation in the lives of Veterans, driving collective efforts of the Association members to instigate positive change for not only Veterans but also their families and communities.

Shannon’s leadership, founded on a strengths-based approach cultivated through successful entrepreneurship, fosters high engagement, retention, productivity, and performance levels within the Association. Her innovative and inclusive leadership style signals a promising and vibrant future for the ASDPMV.

Under Shannon’s leadership, the ASDPMV anticipates strengthening its position as a leading influence in the service dog industry. Her expertise, vision, and policy advocacy promise to inspire change within the Veteran community and to keep the ASDPMV at the forefront of industry developments and public awareness.

For further information, please contact Mary Peter, President of the Board of Directors, ASDPMV, at