Thank you for your patience as our Association members have been working through the COVID-19 Pandemic to try to determine the best course of action for our annual Service Dogs for Veterans Conference.

We have made the decision collectively to cancel/postpone this year’s conference. Our member organizations have expressed that with so many unknowns at the moment, paired with the fact that we all have our own organizations to operate as soon as things are able to “open up” as most of our attendees will, trying to move forward with the same experience we always provide will be a challenge. We discussed several different alternatives before we all decided this would be best for our members, speakers and most importantly our attendees who expect the full conference experience we all enjoy which includes our networking time with like-minded organizations across the country.

Presently, we have a tentative date of 19-22 July 2021 in the Washington DC area for next year’s conference.

Our 2021 National Service Dog Conference will be July 19-22. Sign up for our email newsletter to get updates.

Join The Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans at DoubleTree Tysons Corner for our 2021 Service Dog Conference for service dogs trainers and non-profits. This conference will provide an opportunity for professional development, dialogue with VA leadership and VSOs, best practices sharing, and development.

Association members invite all non-members, collaborative organizations, professional dog trainers, and veteran service professionals looking for a better understanding of the veteran service dog industry. ASDPMV’s National Service Dog Standards which were established in November 2016 and are available for download at

Focus areas that will be offered at this year’s conference; Dog Training, Veteran Training, Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, and Administrative. Many networking & development opportunities available.

Tickets available soon!

Who should attend?

While our annual conference is open to all who wish to attend, we craft our program to the following audiences:

  • Service Dog Providers to Disabled Veterans
  • Service Dog Providers Who are Interested in Working with Veterans
  • Service Dog Trainers
  • Veteran Service Organizations Who Want to Learn More about Service Dogs
  • Veteran Service Organizations That Partner with Service Provides
  • Businesses and Organizations Who Support Service Dogs for Veterans
  • Advocates & Care Providers for Disabled Military Veterans
  • Businesses or Organizations Who Need Policy Guidance for Disabled Veterans & Service Dog Handlers
  • Foundations & Corporations That Offer Funding to Service Dog Providers
  • Dog Breeders That Want to Connect with Service Dog Providers
  • Volunteers of VSOs or Individuals Interested in Volunteering to Support Veterans
  • Veterans and Family Members Interested in Learning More About Service Dogs
  • Any Agency That Wants to Learn About the Benefits of Service Dogs to Disabled Veterans

2021 Service Dogs for Veterans Conference Proudly Sponsored By

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2021 ASDPMV Service Dog Conference Service Dog Etiquette

Welcome and thank you for attending the 2021 ASDPMV Service Dog Conference. While attending the conference please be advised that the following service dog etiquette will be enforced. Only service dogs are allowed in the conference. Therapy dogs and ESA dogs are not allowed access to ASDPMV conferences.

You will be asked to remove your service dog from the premises if they:
 Make a mess on the floor
 Bite, bark at or jump on another patron
 Wander away from their owner
 Are disruptive

Etiquette for Interacting with People Using Service Dogs:
 Speak to the person, not the animal.
 Cooing at, whistling at, or otherwise distracting the dog is not appropriate.
 Do not touch the service dog without receiving permission.
 Do not offer food to the service dog.

Service dog public etiquette:
 The dog must always be leashed and within 24 inches of the handler unless performing a task that requires them to be further away.
 Never leave the dog unattended in public or hotel.
 The dog must be properly groomed.
 Make sure your service dog is appropriately positioned under a table and/or out of the way of foot traffic.
 Make sure your service dog does NOT go nose to nose with other service dogs.

Your service dog must keep its attention on the handler, not other service dogs.

Please CLICK HERE to see photos from our 2019 National Service Dog Conference

ASDPMV Member Organizations & Service Dogs for Veterans Influencers

2021 Conference Committee Members

Chair: Amanda Baity | Semper K9 Assistance Dogs

Partner Member Representatives:

  • Got Your Six Support Dogs
  • K9 Parners for Patriots
  • Northwest Battle Buddies
  • Patriotic Service Dog Foundation