K-9 Caring Angels Service Dogs

K-9 Caring Angels

  • Our training is customized for each handler needs
  • All dogs have been temperament tested
  • Dogs donated come from quality breeders
  • We work with soldiers who have existing dogs
  • All dogs will pass CGC, CCGC & Public access
  • Lifetime training for dogs and handlers


“Our Mission is to provide highly trained, affectionate, and caring dogs of all types that are specifically trained to work with people in need.

All our handlers are dedicated to their canine companions with a calling to give back to our community. We continue to discover opportunities in which our dogs can make a difference.  Veterans: After serving their country, we believe our soldiers should receive compassionate and effective assistance in returning to civilian life. Service dogs can not only bring emotional comfort but are trained to aid in practical day-to-day mobility assistance for those wounded fighting for us.”

K-9 Caring Angels

K-9 Caring Angels was founded on the premise that a soldier who has served their country should be able to receive the support needed to receive a service dog who is not only trained and a good fit for their needs, but will have the on going support and lifetime training needed to be successful. We customize our program to enhancing the life of a soldier by giving them the tools they need to work side by side with the dogs we donate . K-9 Caring Angels will also work side by side with our soldiers who already have canine companions that show the ability to become service dogs.


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