Member Organizations

Our partner members are a diverse group of non-profit organizations across the United States that do not charge for services.
If you are looking for a service dog provider, please research each organization as some of our members provide services for various disabilities & needs.


Operation Freedom Paws: San Martin
Patriotic Service Dog Foundation: Murrieta


*K9s For Warriors: Pointe Vedra
*K9 Partners for Patriots: Brooksville


Veterans K9s Solutions: Evans


Got Your Six Support Dogs: Collinsville


K9s on the Front Line: Portland


Dog Tag Buddies: Shepherd


Canines with a Cause: Reno

New York

Clear Path for Veterans: Chittenango


*Labs for Liberty: Morgan Valley

Canines with a Cause: Salt Lake City


*Semper K9 Assistance Dogs: Quantico

K-9 Caring Angels: Manassas

Washington State

Northwest Battle Buddies: Battle Ground


Patriot K9s of Wisconsin: Wausau

*Founding Partner Members

Allegations of Misconduct

If you personally have experienced a violation of the National Standards by a member organization, please send an email to

Please provide a statement of what occurred, any supporting documentation, and full contact information. The ASDPMV seeks to ensure that veterans and their service dogs are provided with excellent services and care. We take allegations of misconduct or standard violations seriously and investigate all claims.